About Flick

What is Flick?

Flick is a modern Operating System for the Personal Computer. The aim of this project is to create a clean, small and free kernel.
There are many Operating Systems like Flick out there, that's right. And I admit Flick isn't anything special - it was built just for fun, and for helping other developers.
Flick is distributed under the GNU General Public License.

Why should I use Flick?

You shouldn't use Flick. Well, at least you needn't. It is thought as a help for other developers. Flick wasn't designed for being a high modern and feature-heave Operating System, it was and is built just for fun.

Where can I get Flick?

Have a look at the FAQ section. The actual files are located on the SourceForge Project Site (http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/flick/).

Can I help?

No, sorry. I want to continue developing Flick alone - it's a one man project. Better design your own one or keep Linux up to date ;-)