Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get Flick?

You can download the Flick source only for Linux - or you can get a binary version of it - both, source and binary, are located at the Flick SourceForge Project Page.
If you have interest in porting Flick to Windows (shouldn't be too hard, just some modifications), please let me know it. I would really appreciate this - I don't have the time to do it myself.

What do I need to compile and run Flick?

As already said, Linux is obligatory for compiling Flick. It uses gcc as C compiler, nasm for assembling and the GNU linker ld. A make should compiler and link everything fine.
Flick has to be booted by the boot loader GRUB.

What if Flick doesn't work on my machine?

Then please send me an E-Mail. Normally everything should work fine, but there may be some machines that have problems with Flick.
Note that Flick was designed for the i386. It isn't sure if it works on other machines, too.