Flick - Operating System

  • 2003: Development stopped
  • April 2: Flick 0.04 released
  • Feb 16: Flick 0.02 released
  • Feb 16: Flick Homepage set up

Development stopped

I finally decided to stop developing Flick. It has been a great project and I am really proud of it. Building Flick was one of the most impressing experiences I have ever had. Unfortunately, I do not have enough time to continue developing Flick. I have, however, decided to keep this homepage up as long as possible in order to provide some useful material for other OS developers.
Thank you for this great time.

Flick 0.04 released

Finally there's a fresh release. Version 0.04 is pretty nice, changes are:
You can get the source at the FLick SourceForge Project Page (have a look at FAQ)

Flick 0.02 released

Yep, there *is* a fresh release of Flick at last. And Flick did a really big step.
Features: Have a look at Flick's source at SourceForge (see FAQ)

Flick Homepage set up

Finally I have managed to get a simple home page set up...
It isn't anything special, but it contains all informations you will need
For downloading Flick, have a look at the FAQ section

Have fun ;-)